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GolfCamHD won’t run unless you update Google Play services

When selecting the Range Map icon for the first time in a brand new LG Tablet you may get this message instead of a map location. It may be unclear as to what to do next.

This is not a bug. There may be a small button in the upper left corner or somewhere on the screen displayed. Tap it and Google Play services will open to an install screen on the Google Play services product page. Install the service. You do not have to Open Google Play services after installation. You may need to restart the device after installation. Re-launch GolfCamHD and attempt the Range Map service again. All should be working fine. Be sure Location Services in the device settings are set to high accuracy.

If you cannot locate a button to install Google Play services, close GolfCamHD and open the Google Play Store. Search for Google Play services and install the app.

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