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For Immediate Release, January 2016, Austin, TX

Right Now, a Fully Functional Voice Controlled Golf Motion Analysis App on Google Play for less than $5

GCHD Partners LLC, makers of the PerfectView Device Mount announces the release of GolfCamHD, a fully functional voice-controlled motion analysis app for all golfers - novice to professional.

The GolfCamHD app can be downloaded for a substantially attractive price, in beta, with all the features turned on and without advertising or in-app purchases.  It is available in the Google play store for Android devices for less than $5 and includes a coupon code in exchange for a simple registration. The coupon code entitles the holder to a sizable discount in the “Pro Shop”, a hardware store with many items ranging from a few dollars up to $299.

The Managing Partner of the LLC, Blake Allen said that, “The nominal charge is really meant to make sure the golfer commits to GolfCamHD. We don’t mind essentially giving the app away, allowing the golfer the ability to obtain hardware he needs to fully utilize the technology at the greatly reduced prices. “For example,” Allen continued, “in order to enjoy the hands-free voice control, you will need a good ear piece connected to your phone or tablet. While we don’t care what brand you use, Plantronics makes one that is best in class. We can get one to you for a spectacular price in the pro shop, even before you use the 30 percent discount.”

Use your coupon and get one for less than $27. Also check out the device mounts from mini tri-pods to a best in-class, in-bag monopod called the PerfectView, GCHD's flagship product. Use the discount code to get a great discount on eligible items.

Allen finished by tipping his hat to a project GCHD Partners, LLC has in development, “By helping us out right now with our beta, you will hold your place in line and be money ahead when GCHD Partners, LLC releases two groundbreaking features in the coming months.   Features every golfer that has been made privy, has literally responded with three words – I want that.”

GolfCamHD will run on any size android device from small to medium sized smartphone’s all the way up to the largest tablets available - something that few competitors have been able to achieve.  iOS users will have to wait, but can pick up very smartly priced Android tablets to use for their golf game. The GCHD Pro Shop will point you to Amazon to pick one up.

*Bluetooth headset, internet connection, and device with voice support required for Voice Control
*Discount Code not applicable for purchases via affiliate links
*Discount Code provided via confirmation email upon registration

Visit us at GolfCamHD or email us for further information. GCHD Partners, LLC is a Wyoming LLC doing business in Austin, Texas.  You can contact them by email at  public.relations@gchd.com . http://www.golfcamhd.com

About GolfCamHD:

GolfCamHD is a paradigm shift in golf technology tools for the novice, avid and even the professional golfer. It is a suite of software and hardware products that empower individual golfers to seamlessly capture, store, catalog and analyze high definition video as they practice on the range and play on the golf course. The tools are designed from the ground up to simplify the process of gathering and viewing video such that even the most technology averse player can use GolfCamHD effectively and intuitively. 

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