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Regardless of the brand of headset you are using to control the audio of GolfCamHD, there may be times when a connection just can’t seem to be made. Most often as with any other computer or device we always forget to do the most obvious thing to get back to working. If this is the first time you have ever tried to use Voice Control with GolfCamHD, you will want to start with the document titled 'Voice Control of Capture screen'. If you have successfully used GolfCamHD with Voice control on your device and with the headset in the past, continue on below.

As long as you know your battery is charged sufficiently, and you know your Bluetooth headset is in fact pairing with your phone or device:

  1. Reboot the headset
  2. Reboot the Bluetooth on your phone or device

The best way to get everything rebooted in the proper order is as follows.

  1. Turn off your Bluetooth headset
  2. Go to Settings in your device and turn off your Bluetooth signal
  3. Wait for a count of 5 or 10
  4. Restart the Bluetooth signal on your device
  5. Restart the Bluetooth headset
  6. Wait for a signal that the two have paired properly or look in your Bluetooth settings on your phone or device to see that they are in fact paired.
  7. Launch GolfCamHD and wait for a signal indicating GolfCamHD is ready and listening. (The microphone in the lower right hand corner should turn blue)

If these steps fail to resolve your issue, reboot, or restart the phone or device between steps 2 and 3 above and retry.

In the event of continued failure, more troubleshooting will be required…

Are you attempting to use Voice control with a phone or tablet? Has voice control ever worked properly with these two devices? Is this the only Bluetooth connection being made on this device at this time?

Some phones can be incompatible.

There are literally thousands of different phones and flavors of Android out in the world and we can’t test on every one of them. Is your phone old? Is it running an old version of Android? Does the Bluetooth in fact connect to the device and are you able to make a simple phone call and talk to the other party using the Bluetooth? If no, there is a problem likely with the actual Bluetooth device.  If yes, It is possible that your GolfCamHD install has become corrupt. Get in touch with support at support.golfcamhd@gchd.com

Some Tablets just don’t talk both ways using Bluetooth.

Some tablets don’t have the necessary software and hardware to support two way Bluetooth communications.  Some tablet manufacturers have decided to lessen the cost of their tablets, and be able to reduce the cost to you, by not including the necessary software and hardware. A Samsung Tab4 8 gig is an example of one such tablet. It will transmit music via Bluetooth but will not listen over the Bluetooth channel whereas a Samsung Tab4 16 gig will work very well.  Try using Google Voice Control to see if the tablet is listening over Bluetooth. If this doesn’t work, neither will GolfCamHD. Get yourself a good tablet, we have a link to a great one on Amazon in the Pro Shop.
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